HeatPack from Tasmania

Australian Merino Wool woven in Tasmania

You can’t buy love but you can buy Handmade products made with love to enlighten your life
— Anonymous


With a view to sustainability we create eco-friendly products from Australian Merino wool woven in Tasmania, featured by Tourism Tasmania as unique gifts for media representatives.

We carefully select local and natural materials for our comforting & therapeutic Heat - Cold Packs. They are filled with Australian wheat and Tasmanian lavender buds or coffee beans roasted in Tasmania.

We also make Tasmanian Travel Kits with the same merino wool fabric. They contain a manuka honey lip balm, a lavender sleeping balm and a face moisturiser, all from Tassie.


A keepsake from clear, green Tasmania, the state of wild landscape, pure air &water, and the Tasmanian Devil!